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Thomas Paine's Common Sense was a brilliant persuasive essay. Its message was simple: Britain no longer had the right to govern America. It was time to split away from Monarchy, unite the colonies, declare independence, and become Americans.

Not everyone, though, agreed with Paine's argument for independence. Loyalists realized that they had been blindsided by a powerful piece of propaganda. Anxious to put out the fires that Common Sense was igniting, they attempted to strike back.

The Problem: Loyalists will do everything to quiet the excitement of Common Sense... Including, burning the Print Houses that reprint it. Help Paine avoid the loyalists and get his message out to the people.

Your Mission: Use the clues to help guide you to Newspapers in other colonies to reprint all or part of Common Sense. Clues will be given to provide you access to the secret passage.

The Prize: The player is entered into a monthly drawing to receive a signed copy of Common Sense.

Detailed info:

  • Start at the website for The Elementary Common Sense of Thomas Paine by solving the first clue below.

  • Follow the links until you end up back on this web site.

  • Write down the clues on a piece of paper so that you can refer back to it later in the game.

Note to parents: All the links and websites featured in this game are suitable for children.

Are you ready to begin?

First Clue: There is something in the design of the graphic below that is different from the other pages of this site. If you can find the difference, you are on your way to discovering the first clue. Good Luck!

Hint: The cursor turns to a hand when it hovers over an active link. Click it!


Click here for Treasure Game rules.

Mr. Wilensky is a fifth-grade teacher in Jefferson County Colorado, where he has been accused of teaching his Colonial America and Revolutionary War classes with enthusiastic zeal. Read More...

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